Currently in keeping an open EAP culture, the official EANLPt country board meetings are open for bona fide NLPt therapists as observers, space permitting. A small fee my be charged for the conference to cover location costs. If you are from one of the abovementioned countries, please contact your local representative or contact us to get you in contact with them. If there is no national organization or local representative, we strongly encourage you to build up your National Association for NLPt and become represented in the EANLPt. 


Future conference #1: 13.11.2021 - online
"Practice & Research"

organised by our Vienna team

We invite you to participate!


CALL FOR PAPERS: : you can send us your proposal in word form or as a fillable pdf

VENUE: for health reasons due to the pandemic it was decided to hold theconference and meetings via Zoom. We look forward to meet you in this digitalised frame.
Yes, it creates a few challenges, and gives a lot more opportunities for many dear colleguages in Europe and maybe around the globe.

SERVICE FEE: conference service charge for Saturday: EUR 40,- for western european and north american countries; € 20,- for all other countries with online regisration and payment via PayPal (prefered) or bank transfer (free for EANLPt exec & countryboard members and presenters). After registration you will get a confirmation and payment details via email.

CONFERENCE LANGUAGE: the conference will be held in English




Thursday, 11.11.2021:

19:30-21:00 - Meeting for EANLPt officers, host, staff and all presenters


Friday, 12.11.2021:

10:00-12:00 - Cultural morning on the country of our host (Vienna/Austria)

14:00-14:45 - Executive meeting for members of executive and specially invited guests (moderation: Catalin Zaharia)

14:45-15:30 - Country board for country representatives and guests (moderation: Peter Schutz)

16:00-18:00 - Research intervision (moderation: Catalin Zaharia)


Saturday, 13.11.2021 - Conference day:

09:30-10:00 - Welcome by country host, Catalin Zaharia (EANLPt president) and executive members

10:05-10:40 - Dan Florian Stanescu (Romania): The NLP contribution to a VUCA n+1 model

Starting from the observation that nowadays, the need to operate in a world described by Horney, Passmore and O'Shea (2010) as a world characterized by its volatility, uncertainties, complexity, and ambiguity has become more evident than ever, we aim at identifying and reveal the need for a ceaseless VUCA model and to propose some NLP based contributions to the n+1 VUCA model. Over the years, the term VUCA has transferred to the business world, becoming a common expression due to rapid change manifested in the technological, political, financial, and administrative fields (Sarkar, 2016). In this context, we have analysed the existing VUCA models, and proposed the n+1 version of it. Within the current stream of events, including Brexit and especially the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional management methods seem no longer sufficient to address the amplitude and volume of change we are facing. Therefore, the VUCA 2.0 model was developed. The model comprising the same acronym is based on the following elements: vision, understanding, courage, and adaptability (George, 2017). But, in the last years technology has accelerated the VUCA world and, in 2020, the VUCA 3.0 popped out (Day, 2020). As the results of the analysis pointed out, the incredible pace and amplitude of change, together with the associated disruption in the way businesses are managed, call for a constant development of a never-ending VUCA n+1 model. With a wider spread of automatization, cyber systems and artificial intelligence, a new VUCA model will soon be necessary.

about Dan Florin Stanescu: Associate professor at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations and coordinator of the Social Cognition & Communication of Emotions Laboratory of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. PhD in Clinical Psychology from Hamburg University since 2006. Experienced counselor/therapist with more than 16 years of clinical and private practice. His research interests are primarily focused in areas such as human resources development, emotions study, organizational psychology, lifelong learning and clinical psychology.

10:45-11:20 - Draženka Milinković (Croatia): Externalization of intrapsychic processes through connection of NLPt and systemic constellations

Externalization of intrapsychic processes is the path from complexity to simplicity that the client goes through. It helps the client to bring to light the experiences, thoughts and feelings he carries within his system. Intrapsychic processes are thus no longer a misunderstood part of the internal system, they become an external three-dimensional image. This image can be perceived and experienced in a new way, it can give answers and new understanding. At the same time, the client is no longer the participant of his intrapsychic process, he becomes an observer of externalized process, who understands and makes decisions. As an observer he can decide whether a new structure is needed or perhaps only one cube is missing. Systemic constellations are also the method of externalizing intrapsychic processes. They are an arrangement within a system, which also implies the mutual position and relationship of individual parts within that system. When it comes to the family system, the family constellation is the order, position and relationship of individual family members.

The goal of constellation work is to bring the system into balance, as well as all its parts individually. In family constellations this can be achieved already if the natural order of the family members is respected, and the client can gain new perspective and answers to unanswered questions.

about Draženka Milinković: Magister of Primary Education, NLPt couseling therapist (ECP), System constellation manager, Vicepresident of HATC-NLPt Zagreb, Interests are primarily focused in areas such an interpersonal relationship in the private and business environment, lifelong education, epigenetics and transgenerational influences

11:20-11:35 - short break


12:15-12:50 -

12:50-14:25 - lunch break

14:30-15:05 - 



16:25-16:40 - short break

16:40-17:15 -

17:20-17:55 - 

18:00-18:45 - evening review


Sunday, 14.11.2021

10:00-12:00 Debriefing breakfast for members of executive, country host, all presenters and specially invited guests






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